John has been capturing the lives of family and friends on film, and now digitally, for most of his life.

His love of photography grew into a business some 5 years ago when he was asked to photograph a friend’s wedding. The comments received from the bride and groom and their family convinced John to take his photography to the next level. Since this decision was made John has continued to push himself, and his creativity, to the benefits of his clients.

“Having your photo taken should be fun. Celebrating yourself is a very important part of life, as is being happy with the way you look. I want everyone to have a photo of themselves that they are proud to show their friends and family”.

John’s style is relaxed and friendly with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. “I want to build a relationship with my client that lasts. For me to be able to create stunning images of my clients we have to get on. I can be pointing a camera at some of my clients for many during a wedding and if we do not have a connection it can be very hard for both of us”.

John is determined to continue to develop his skill by continuing professional development, learning posing and lighting techniques from some of the world’s best photographers.

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